Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding

Earn ICC CEUs while you learn to weld

  • Course #: 14621
  • CEUs: 3.0 (from an ICC Preferred Provider)
  • Cost: $1565

Unique Content

Learning to weld offers ICC inspectors an interesting yet practical option for professional development

3.0 ICC CEUs

30 contact hours satisfies the continuing education requirements for renewal of up to 5 ICC certifications

Welding Gear

PPE provided to participants include helmet, jacket, gloves, and some hand tools (a $270 value)

Welder Certification

Welder's performance test will earn participants, if successful, an AWS welding certification (a $300 value)

Lunch Included

As a part of our all inclusive and comprehensive training event, we provide a well-balanced lunch daily

Course Overview

Because of its extensive use throughout, a thorough practical understanding of FCAW and SMAW arc welding can prove valuable for anyone in the construction industry. Through a combination of classroom discussions and hands-on activities, participants will learn to (a) perform safety inspections on arc welding equipment and accessories, (b) setup arc welding operations for carbon steel, and (c) produce fillet and groove welds on carbon steel in multiple positions.

The "Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding" course concludes with a welder's qualification/performance test per AWS D1.1 on 3/8" thick carbon steel which, if successful, will earn participants an American Welding Society welding certification (because Integrity Welding, Inc. is an AWS Accredited Test Facility).

Daily Schedule

"Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding" meets from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm for each of the five course meetings:

Time Activity
8:30 am - 9:30 am Lecture
9:30 am - 11:30 am Demo + Lab
11:30 am - 12:00 pm Lunch
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Lab
Course Content
Day Lecture Lab
One Arc welding intro + safety Tack welds + beads
Two Welding Equipment Fillet welds: Lap + Tee joints
Three Consumables Groove welds
Four Process Variables Groove welds (continued)
Five AWS D1.1:  Structural Steel Welding Code Performance Qualification Test
Welding Gear

Because it can prevent burns and protect against hazardous radiation, fumes, and gases as well as eye injuries and hearing loss, having appropriate PPE is essential for ensuring a welder's safety.  As such, all participants enrolled in the "Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding" course receive the following welding gear (both to use during the course and to keep after):

  1. Variable shade helmet
  2. Cloth jacket
  3. Welding gloves
  4. Safety glasses
  5. Doo rag
  6. Welding pliers
  7. Chipping hammer
  8. Wire brush
  9. Duffle bag
AWS Certification

Integrity Welding is an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Testing Facility (ATF).  Consequently, we can administer the welder's performance test which is required to become an AWS Certified Welder.

One objective of the "Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding" course is for participants to develop sufficiant welding skills to test on 3/8" steel in the 1G position.  This would qualify the welder for (a) groove welds in the flat position and (b) fillet welds in the flat or horizontal position on steel between 1/8" and 3/4" thick!

However, our inherent flexibility allows us to adjust the performance test to accommodate each participant's ultimate skill/comfort level (ie. administer a simpler or a more advance test, as appropriate).

ICC CEU Requirements
Number of certificates to renew Total CEUs required Minimum CEUs required from ICC or PP
1 1.5 0.8
2 thru 5 3.0 1.5
6 thru 10 4.5 2.3
11 or more, Master Code Professional, Certified Building Official, Certified Fire Marshal 6.0 3.0
Calculating ICC CEUs

What is a contact hour?

A contact hour is one hour of interaction between a learner and instructor, or between a learner and materials, which have been prepared to cause learning. Contact implies a connection between a learner and a learning source. For purposes of the CEU, that connection is two-way; that is, the instructor or learning source must monitor the learner’s progress and/or provide some form of feedback to the learner. This definition applies for on-site interaction as well as online learning programs.

How to Calculate CEUs

  1. Identify the total number of contact hours (if it’s not a whole number of hours, round down to a full hour).
  2. Divide total contact hours by 10 to obtain the number of ICC CEUs (this will result in CEUs being expressed in tenths of a CEU).
The Preferred Provider Program

The ICC Preferred Provider Program is intended to accomplish several goals:

  • Create an easily accessible network of extensive training opportunities from a variety of educational resources
  • Provide access to quality training on specialty topics and building products that are beyond the ICC core training programs
  • Provide increased quality and support for educational renewal requirements of the ICC Certification Program
  • Enhance the relationship between ICC and educational Providers in support of building safety and innovation in building products and construction practices
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