City of Los Angeles Certified Welder Application Process

"All welding as per Code Section 91.2204.1, except when performed at the shop of an approved fabricator, shall be done by operators certified by the department for the type of operation involved in accordance with the provisions of Section 91.1705. of the Los Angeles Municipal Code." - Certified Welder Examination Information, Rev. Nov 2016

You can also visit the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) website for a current/complete set of these instructions.

Becoming a Certified Welder
  1. Identify the classification for which you need/want to become certified
    • Structural Steel
    • Light Gage Steel
    • Reinforced Steel
    • Tubular Structures
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
    • "Specialty"
  2. Submit an examination application to the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS)
    • The LADBS is located at 221 N. Figueroa St. #700, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    • Collect the $54.50 examination application fee
    • Obtain a 2” x 2” full face, color, passport-type photograph no older than one year
    • Complete the LADBS Trade License application form
  3. Within six months of your initial application, pass the LADBS written examination (applicants will be notified of the examination time and location by mail)
  4. Locate a LADBS Approved Testing Agency
    • Only an approved facility can administer the qualification test required to satisfy the practical component of the certified welder application
    • Our Testing Agency Locator can help you find an approved facility
  5. Within one year of your initial application, deposit a sound weld during the performance test
    • Separate additional fees may be charged by the testing agency conducting the qualification performance tests
    • The test facility will check the sample to confirm it meets the associated performance qualification requirements
    • When/if you pass the test, the test facility will provide your performance test results in a sealed envelope
  6. Within one year of your initial application, submit your performance test results and an additional $65.40 fee

Maintaining Your Welding Certification

Once obtained, the City of Los Angeles welding certification is valid for three years.  However, by following the maintenance process properly, your LADBS welding certification can remain valid indefinitely!  Every three years, simply:

  1. Collect the $119.90 welder renewal fee
  2. Obtain two 1” x 1 1/4” full face, color, passport-type photograph no older than one year
  3. Compile examples of welding performed (including the location where structural welding was performed and a brief description of the work) during each six-month period since the initial certification
  4. Submit the photographs, supplemental information, and associated payment to the LADBS

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