Earn up to 12.0 CEUs from an ICC Preferred Provider for only $435

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Unique Content

Training modules include lessons on welding fundamentals, destructive and nondestructive testing, welding symbols, metallurgy, etc.

1 Year Subscription

Extended access to content allows trainees to earn CEUs at their leisure and as their schedule permits

24/7 Access

The on-line LMS can be accessed as needed using any internet-enabled device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.)

Unmatched Value

Trainees can earn up to 12.0 ICC CEUs (ie. 120 “contact hours”) for only $435

Our Program

The AWS Online Educational Library is a comprehensive collection of AWS online courses delivered through an innovative, easy-to-use Learning Management System. Integrity Welding, LLC can offer a special subscription opportunity which:

  • Costs only $435
  • Offers trainees access to 13 courses for the single fee (if purchased directly from the AWS, access to just one course could cost as much as $600)
  • Grants one full year of access to the courses (compared to 30 day access when purchased directly from the AWS) and
  • Allows trainees to earn up to 120 hours of continuing education units (ie. 12.0 ICC CEUs) to simultaneously satisfy the professional development requirements of the ICC certification renewal, CWI renewal application, etc. (because Integrity Welding is an ICC Preferred Provider)
The Courses

Built by AWS subject matter experts and learning professionals, the available courses use engaging multimedia content to (a) encourage learners to actively think, question, and draw their own conclusions and (b) stimulate learning as well as long-term retention. They include:

  • Understanding Welding Symbols (10 hours)
  • Fabrication Math I (18 hours)
  • Fabrication Math II (15 hours)
  • Welding Fundamentals I (14 hours)
  • Welding Fundamentals II (7 hours)
  • Welding Fundamentals III (5 hours)
  • Metallurgy I (6 hours)
  • Metallurgy II (6 hours)
  • Science of Nondestructive Testing (6 hours)
  • Destructive Testing (7 hours)
  • Economics of Welding (18 hours)
  • Safety in Welding (4 hours)
  • WPS and PQR Explained (4 hours)
  • Course material is accessible at any time, seven days a week, from any internet-enabled device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Integrated quizzes allow students to effectively gauge their content retention and comprehension
  • (Short) module length makes digesting information manageable
  • Audio narration, animated graphics, and video footage make even the most complex topic(s) easy to understand
  • Interactive elements throughout each module provide students with opportunities to master concepts and formulas
  • Learning objectives and module pre-quizzes allow students to orient themselves and assess their readiness to tackle new material.
  • Refreshing math skills ensures accuracy when measuring materials for cutting, calculating weld dimensions, ordering materials, etc.
  • Design of course content especially suited for individuals interested in preparing for the Certified Welding Inspector exam, the written portion of LADBS certified welder application, etc.
  • Welding Fundamentals material can help salespeople, engineers, supervisors, and quality assurance personnel become more informed and effective team members
  • Understanding Welding Symbols is ideal for anyone involved in the design, fabrication, or inspection of welded, brazed, or soldered joints.
  • Every year, welding manufacturing operations lose millions of dollars in profits due to the improper calculation of costs and inefficient welding practices. The Economics of Welding course will show trainees how to identify, measure, and manage the costs of production in order to reduce expenses and ensure quality.
  • Welding procedure specifications (WPS) allow welders to consistently produce welds that meet desired requirements without any rework. The WPS/PQR Explained course provides a comprehensive overview of a WPS and its supporting procedure qualification record (PQR) to address common misunderstandings and misconceptions.
Professional Development Hours

Training hours earned using the AWS Learning Online Educational Library content can satisfy the professional development requirements for a variety of programs:

  • After competing a course (ie. viewing all course modules and passing the associated exam), trainees will be able to download an AWS Certificate of Completion directly from the course which can be applied towards CWI renewal or other similar programs.
  • When the access is purchased through Integrity Welding (because it is an ICC Preferred Provider - ID# 1900), trainees will also receive a second/separate certificate of completion which can be used to satisfy ICC certification renewal CEU requirements.
ICC CEU Requirements
Number of certificates to renew Total CEUs required Minimum CEUs required from ICC or PP
1 1.5 0.8
2 thru 5 3.0 1.5
6 thru 10 4.5 2.3
11 or more, Master Code Professional, Certified Building Official, Certified Fire Marshal 6.0 3.0
Calculating ICC CEUs

What is a contact hour?

A contact hour is one hour of interaction between a learner and instructor, or between a learner and materials, which have been prepared to cause learning. Contact implies a connection between a learner and a learning source. For purposes of the CEU, that connection is two-way; that is, the instructor or learning source must monitor the learner’s progress and/or provide some form of feedback to the learner. This definition applies for on-site interaction as well as online learning programs.

How to Calculate CEUs

  1. Identify the total number of contact hours (if it’s not a whole number of hours, round down to a full hour).
  2. Divide total contact hours by 10 to obtain the number of ICC CEUs (this will result in CEUs being expressed in tenths of a CEU).
The Preferred Provider Program

The ICC Preferred Provider Program is intended to accomplish several goals:

  • Create an easily accessible network of extensive training opportunities from a variety of educational resources
  • Provide access to quality training on specialty topics and building products that are beyond the ICC core training programs
  • Provide increased quality and support for educational renewal requirements of the ICC Certification Program
  • Enhance the relationship between ICC and educational Providers in support of building safety and innovation in building products and construction practices
Our Other ICC Preferred Provider Course

Practical Exercises with SMAW and FCAW Arc Welding

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